West-Flemish start-up wins international design award

The reusable inner walls of Kortrijk start-up JuuNoo were recently awarded the internationally renowned Red Dot Design Award in the category ‘Innovative Products’. The JuuNoo wall was first introduced to the market in 2017 and was designed as a sustainable alternative...

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How can you become more sustainable as a business?

A special place has been reserved for businesses in the future. They can become pioneers in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship. Many organisations are already trying to include Corporate Social Responsibility in their corporate culture. However, this is not...

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Why do we need a circular economy?

We live in a world where our demand for products continues to grow, but unfortunately the raw materials we need to produce these products are not available indefinitely. With a circular economy, we can reduce the pressure we exert on the, in some cases scarce, raw...

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What do employees think of open offices?

Theo Compernolle asked the question to 1200 employees in Belgium. He subsequently wrote the book "The office is naked" which you can download for free. This book exposes some of the pain points of the open offices but above all it offers solutions for these open...

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some of our happy customers


some of our happy customers

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