Circular start-ups work together to increase productivity in workplaces

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Hangar K - Productivity Box

JuuNoo, West Flemish manufacturer of construction kits for movable office walls and Knoopwerk, producer of a modular wood building system from Limburg join forces in the fight for a more productive and healthier working environment.

Juunoo was founded in 2017 by Chris Van de Voorde, with the aim of reducing the huge amounts of construction waste. He does this by offering a sustainable alternative to traditional gyproc walls. Bartel Rutten started Knoopwerk in 2018 with the same dream. After some refinement under the wings of, among others Bizidee and circular startup, he developed a modular construction system that allows sustainable and efficient construction.

Both entrepreneurs met at Batibouw 2019 and found each other in their common mission. The idea for a collaboration soon arose and less than a year later the first Productivity Box, abbreviated Probox, was in JuuNoo’s showroom in the Evolis Business Park in Kortrijk.

The idea behind the Productivity Box is to increase the productivity of workers in landscape offices. Research by neuropsychiatrist Theo Compernolle, among others, shows that employees who can work in a customized environment are up to 40% more productive than their colleagues in landscape offices. By placing this office box in a smart place in an open space, a lot of work and time, and therefore money, can be saved.

What is special about this Productivity Box is that it grows with its surroundings. Unlike other call cells or meeting boxes, it can be easily moved without being enlarged or broken down. As proof of reusability, JuuNoo offers a buyback guarantee on the frames and Knoopwerk provides a residual value certificate to its customers.

The idea catches on; even before the website was live, co-creation hub HangarK equipped its offices with a Productivity Box. “HangarK is a place that is brimming with activity and creativity, it always progresses well” says Chris Van de Voorde, who found his home here in the early stages of JuuNoo. “Nevertheless, everyone has to escape that rush. To focus fully on a particular task or make a phone call undisturbed. The Productivity Box, with its acoustically insulated walls and ceiling, lends itself perfectly to this.”

That there is a future in this concept is certain. In recent years, the popularity of landscape offices has steadily declined. That process is being accelerated by COVID-19, as people return to work and need a safe working environment more than ever before. Lode Godderis, professor of Occupational Medicine at KU Leuven, is also convinced that landscape offices will soon be a thing of the past.
However, just measuring some extra walls is not an option. Noisy and dusty renovations do not result in the most pleasant working environment and also cost a lot of money. Modular systems, such as the Productivity Box, are the solution: the structure is fast and quiet, the walls are as efficient as the “fixed” counterpart and if the situation demands it, the spaces simply change with it, without the extra waste or costs.

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