JuuNoo’s mission

Changing the construction world towards a sustainable market where reuse is the norm

some of our happy customers


some of our happy customers

JuuNoo makes sustainable building financially interesting

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In the next 100 years, our world population will increase to 12 billion people. All these people need houses, schools, offices, …

Current construction methods have an immense ecological impact and heaviliy weigh on the budget of an average family. This impact and these costs are increasing even further due to globalisation and the hyperfast society we live in. As a result, buildings and spaces are changing ever more often.

“We want to make sustainable building the norm by just doing it.”

In order to protect both our planet and to cope with the growing population, we will have to reinvent architecture completely. The principles of circular economy are crucial to combine ecological necessity with economic reality. JuuNoo gives you the opportunity to realise this for compartmentalisation of spaces, where growth or adjustments don’t always have to lead to more construction waste and costs.

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founder Chris van de Voorde about his vision, tinkering with wooden planks and space rockets

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“I don’t want my kids to ever say to me, Daddy, you knew about it. What did you do about it? ”

“I recently watched, together with my son, to the launch of the Falcon Heavy, the space shutlle of Elon Musk. He was the first to make shuttles that land back on Earth. Now, if someone dares to make a shuttle, they cannot possibly work with anything other than reusable rockets: SpaceX has changed the rules of the game, set the benchmark. I want to do that too. ”

“For seven years I worked as head of R&D at beMatrix, a company that developed a wall system for stand builders that is used everywhere at events and fairs. These walls are built quickly, are reusable and look great. Knowing that 40% of the waste on this planet consists of construction waste, I wondered: why isn’t there a similar system for interior walls?”

“Entrepreneurship is in my genes, so starting something myself is the way to make a difference. I saw the parallels between the stand construction and the interior wall market: cost-efficient and sustainable building is everyone’s goal, but they still tinker with steel profiles and wooden planks that always have to be built up anew and demolished again. We can do better, I thought. Building on the principles and methodology I had learned, I developed my own reusable partition.”

“If I make it financially more interesting to choose a reusable wall, then I am convinced that people will make that choice.”

“You know, if you look at the facts about global warming, you can do two things. Whether you think “that is very bad”, shrug and leave it at that. Or you do something about it. “I don’t want my kids to ever say to me, Daddy, you knew about it. What did you do about it? ” and that I can’t give them an answer. That is why my company is called JuuNoo, after my children, Juul and Noor. It’s a great reminder of why I do it all. ”

meet the JuuNoo team

in order of appearance…

Thomas Sales JuuNoo

Thomas Vandendriessche

Laurence Sales JuuNoo

Laurence Levrau

Carl - Sales °

Carl Vulsteke

Kelly Sales JuuNoo

Kelly Debaere

Bart Projectleader JuuNoo

Bart Claessens
Project leader

Kim HR JuuNoo

Kim Gavel

Xavier R&D JuuNoo

Xavier Huyghe

Lucas R&D JuuNoo

Lucas Wyffels

Chris CEO JuuNoo

Chris Van de Voorde
Founder & CEO

join the JuuNoo team

We are a young and dynamic team and each of us has the typical West Flemish ‘osan deure doen’
mentality woven into our DNA. As a team, we always strive to achieve our ambitious goals,
but also don’t forget to celebrate our successes.

As part of the JuuNoo team, in addition to your salary, you can count on interesting fringe benefits
such as meal vouchers of € 8 per day,
annualy 6 ADV days, hospitalisation insurance,
mobile subscription and a company van or car.

But we think it is of crucial importance you can fully enjoy your job and
take pride in helping to build a the circular economy.

We are currently rapidly growing and are very eager
to further expand our 6-person team.

Trainees and students are welcome.
Feel free to contact us!

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