Buyback Valuation

In our distinctive approach to championing sustainability, the buy-back rates are structured as follows, based on the month of purchase.


30% of the listed price


20% of the listed price


10% of the listed price


Pricing varies based on dimensions and the listed price at the time of purchase.

Our Process


Dismantle the materials and deliver them to our facility. For details, reach out to our sales team.

Step 1


Organize and stack the goods by product type. Each product should be placed on its designated JUUNOO circular pallet. If you need these pallets, our sales team can provide them.

Step 2

Group profiles

Ensure that the modules are fully closed, with horizontal parts also secured. Boards should be uniform in width and height for each pallet. Group profiles and accessories into tidy bundles.

Step 3


If you face any issues during disassembly, sorting, or transportation, our team is here to help.

Our Buyback Criteria

Standing distinct in our industry, we passionately buy back our products, underscoring our dedication to the circular economy, given they align with the following select standards

Modules must be pristine, free from any impairments that could compromise their operation. Specific stipulations encompass:

  • Seamless sliding mechanism
  • Securely interlocking horizontal profiles
  • Fully functional clamp system to adjust and secure the profile
  • Minimal surface irregularities on the frame’s side (up to 3mm)
  • Restricted additional screw holes (up to 2) on horizontal sections from prior installations
  • Absence of obstructions in vertical sections that could impede module movement

Panels should be impeccable, devoid of any flaws that could affect their operation. For affixing panels to JUUNOO modules, we advocate the use of self-drilling screws accompanied by a drill bit to avert any burrs.

At JUUNOO, we are fervent advocates of the circular economy, ceaselessly endeavoring to offer sustainable alternatives for the contractor and architect. Our buyback warrante is a testament to our commitment, ensuring that your JUUNOO investments enjoy a renewed purpose, paving the way for a more sustainable construction industry.

100% circular system with JUUNOO buyback warrante


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