Glass Wall Partitions

Designed for optimal light, acoustics, and a modern aesthetic.

What Makes JUUNOO Glass Wall Partitions Unique

Crystal Clear Acoustics

Glass walls are typically not synonymous with good acoustics – and we think that should change. That’s why we’ve created sound-proofed glass walls that deliver on aesthetics without sacrificing acoustics. Our products are engineered to meet your needs, pairing function and innovation for better spaces.

Sustainability Shines Through

We are champions of reuse and the circular economy. That’s why we’ve engineered products with a robust circular value, meaning they are easily adaptable for a second (or third or fourth) life. Our Buyback guarantee is a continuation of this commitment, meaning we will buy back our products at the end of life to further circularity.

Unmatched Flexibility

You can reuse our glass walls time and time again, even as your space evolves. Engineered for simple mounting that supports product reusability, our single and double glass walls feature a snap-on profile that supports quick and easy reconfiguration.

Long-lasting Value

Well-designed and sustainable office solutions should no longer be expensive ones. Our innovative glass wall system results in a quicker install process at a lower cost, providing true value for your money. Our unique buyback guarantee is another way that we incentivize circularity and save our customers from the hidden costs of disassembly.

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