JUUNOO’s mission: To accelerate the world's transition to sustainable building methods

I never want my kids to say to me: Dad, you knew all this was happening. What did you do about it?

“If you look at the climate crisis, you can do one of two things. You can either shrug your shoulders, or you can do something about it. I started JUUNOO so I won’t ever have to tell my children that I didn’t do anything about it. That’s why my company is called JUUNOO: it’s named after my two children, Juul and Noor. It’s a daily reminder of why we are doing all this” – Chris Van de Voorde, Founder & CEO

Introducing the most sustainable wall system ever

Using JUUNOO systems can lower the embodied carbon of a single space up to 63% compared to competitive systems

All our raw materials are sourced responsibly & ethically through both internal procedures as well as external (e.g. FSC)

We believe in circular economy. That is why all our products have a buy-back option to ensure full circularity

Design to rebuild

JUUNOO proudly spearheads sustainable design with its cutting-edge patented modular system, showcasing a genuine commitment to circularity. By allowing partition walls to be easily disassembled, reconfigured, and reused, JUUNOO fosters a seamless circular economy, minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency.

This groundbreaking approach empowers businesses and architects to effortlessly adapt spaces to changing needs, reducing the demand for frequent replacements and significantly lowering the environmental footprint of construction projects. JUUNOO’s vision of a circular future sets a new standard for eco-conscious construction practices, revolutionizing the concept of sustainable design.

With JUUNOO, the future of innovative and environmentally responsible spaces is here. Embrace their circular vision and play your part in creating a more sustainable world – where creativity meets eco-consciousness and spaces evolve without compromise, leaving a positive impact on both businesses and the planet


Responsible sourcing

Demountable wall

Glass wall

The steel profiles are produced out of 40% recycled steel.

Our next step? Use XCarb steel from Arcelor Mittal to further reduce our emissions

The insulation material is 100% natural and recyclable.

Our next step? To use Gramitherm, a carbon-negative material

Timber always wins!

All our panels are sourced from FSC-certified forests and this will never change.

Glass wall

All our glass is locally sourced and cut to height once a project is final. This ensures there is minimal waste and optimized transportation, reducing our scope 1 emissions.

Our next step? Use XCarb steel from Arcelor Mittal to further reduce our emissions

Our aluminum profiles are manufactured in the most sustainable way, having 30% recycled aluminum at minimum.


JUUNOO sets the bar for sustainability by having Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for their products. These EPDs transparently showcase the environmental impact of each product throughout its life cycle. By quantifying factors like carbon emissions, energy usage, and raw material consumption, JUUNOO’s EPDs provide valuable insights into the product’s eco-footprint.

The value of EPDs lies in empowering consumers, architects, and businesses to make informed decisions in favor of sustainability. Armed with accurate data, they can choose products with lower environmental impacts, contributing to a greener future. JUUNOO’s commitment to EPDs demonstrates their dedication to eco-consciousness, as they actively work towards reducing their environmental footprint and promoting responsible construction practices.

Furthermore, EPDs aid in achieving green building certifications and meeting sustainability goals. Architects and project developers can confidently incorporate JUUNOO’s products, knowing they align with eco-friendly standards. As environmental concerns grow, EPDs become a crucial tool in making environmentally responsible choices, and JUUNOO’s EPDs lead the way in promoting sustainable design and construction practices.


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