Demountable Walls

The JUUNOO Demountable Wall system offers clean, efficient installation and modular design for tomorrow’s green workspaces.

What makes JUUNOO unique

Seamless Installation

Our demountable walls can be installed 7x faster than traditional systems – all thanks to our innovative design and click system. They fit together like puzzle pieces and dismantle easily for endless reuse.

Flexibility at its finest

JUUNOO demountable walls are designed for maximum flexibility and modularity. With an innovative click system, it’s easy for your team to install, dismantle and rebuild time and time again. This unrivaled flexibility also supports reuse by understanding that the needs of your spaces are constantly evolving, while helping to reduce waste.

Beautiful Design

Our beautiful wall solutions can be easily outfitted to match the unique aesthetic of your space. With 100+ finishes and a variety of colorways, there are options for every style. For those looking for a more distinct look, our custom solutions may be fit for you to create a truly one-of-a-kind design.

Superior Acoustics

Sound plays an important role in creating productive working spaces for your team. Our walls help create the perfect sound environment, from focus areas for quiet work to open spaces for collaboration. Considered the gold standard in acoustics, our demountable walls reduce sound transmission by 30% more than industry-wide standards.

Circular Value

We are champions of the circular economy. All JUUNOO solutions – including the demountable wall system – are designed to pair product innovation with a low environmental impact. When you select our demountable walls, you are choosing a fully reusable product, helping make progress toward your sustainability goals and commitments.

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