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Quickly divide spaces and leave soft ambient noise out. Our circular BaseClick wall is the ideal partition to efficiently divide your office.                    


Our circular AcouClick wall has all the benefits of the BaseClick wall, with added acoustic insulation. Perfect for meeting or concentration rooms.


Our soundproof SilentClick wall has the highest acoustics and is our quietest wall type. Suitable for loud environments and recording studios.

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Flexibility at its finest

JUUNOO demountable walls are designed for maximum flexibility and modularity. With an innovative click system, it’s easy for your team to install, dismantle and rebuild time and time again. This unrivaled flexibility also supports reuse by understanding that the needs of your spaces are constantly evolving, while helping to reduce waste.


Seamless Installation

Easy installation means improved productivity. Our demountable walls can be installed 7x faster than traditional systems – all thanks to our innovative design and click system. They fit together like puzzle pieces and dismantle easily for endless reuse. 


Superior Acoustics

Sound plays an important role in creating productive working spaces for your team. Our walls help create the perfect sound environment, from focus areas for quiet work to open spaces for collaboration. Considered the gold standard in acoustics, our demountable walls reduce sound transmission by 30% more than industry-wide standards. 


Beautiful Design

Our beautiful wall solutions can be easily outfitted to match the unique aesthetic of your space. With 100+ finishes and a variety of colorways, there are options for every style. For those looking for a more distinct look, our custom solutions may be fit for you to create a truly one-of-a-kind design.


Join our Commitment to Circularity

We are champions of the circular economy. All JUUNOO solutions – including the demountable wall system – are designed to pair product innovation with a low environmental impact. When you select our demountable walls, you are choosing a fully reusable product, helping make progress toward your sustainability goals and commitments. 

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Flexibility at its Finest

  • The Body: Metal Studs

    Our system’s backbone is formed by telescopic metal studs – uniquely designed in “I” and “C” shapes. These robust studs provide versatility and structural integrity. Here’s more:

    • Adjusting the number of “I” studs lets you extend the wall’s length in 60cm increments.
    • The “C” studs integrate seamlessly into the “I” studs, providing a 65cm width tolerance.
    • Wall height is customizable and infinitely adjustable within a range of 70cm to 5.5m, contingent upon the chosen stud size (XS, S, M, L, XL).
    • The standard stud thickness is 75mm, but we offer variations between 45mm & 125mm for enhanced compatibility with other Metal Stud systems.
    • These studs can be anchored reversibly using screws or our proprietary tapes. 


    The Skin: Removable Panel Walls

    Our removable panel walls are fashioned from high-quality MDF boards, designed to interlock seamlessly. More on our panel walls below:

    • The board thickness varies, offering acoustic levels ranging from 10mm to 30mm.
    • A unique hook and loop tape system facilitates rapid mounting and dismounting, ensuring the panels remain securely in place.
    • These panels can bear substantial loads, up to 250kg standard, and a whopping 1000kg with additional bracing.


    Between the Body and Skin: Acoustic Insulation

    Nested within the metal studs is space for acoustic insulation. Choose from:

    • Environmentally friendly Gramitherm (default).
    • Cost-effective glass wool for those on tighter budgets.
    • Rock wool for environments requiring elevated fire protection


    Sustainability and Reusability

    An advocate for sustainability, we’ve ensured that the Body and acoustic insulation can be reused in over 30 different configurations across various buildings.

    The Skin can be easily repurposed as the Body, extending its lifecycle and supporting future needs. You can simply apply paint, wallpaper, textile, or another board to reuse as the Body. This unique approach allows these boards to be integrated into different setups.

    Whether you’re resizing or relocating, our system is flexible enough to cater to your architectural needs.


Seamless Installation

From simple on-site installation and internal work, JUUNOO is committed to making demountable wall installs efficient and seamless – here’s how:

Streamlined On-Site Installation

With JUUNOO products, on-site installation is a breeze, only requiring cutting of the first and last board and ensuring the vertical alignment of the initial board. This streamlined approach saves teams time, eliminating the time-consuming steps of measuring, cutting, plastering, sanding, and painting.

Simplified Internal Work

Once the structural framework is set, the space within is ready to accommodate AV/electrical wiring and sound insulation. Notably, the precision alignment between studs and insulation eliminates the need for time-consuming cutting.

The loop tape is pre-mounted on the studs and hook tape on the boards, supporting easy, efficient, and strong connections. This intuitive hook-and-loop system is another aspect of our demountable walls that supports positive outcomes in interior spaces.

Maximized Time & Cost Efficiency

By eliminating typical installation needs, our demountable wall system can be installed 7x faster than other options on the market. The benefits? A reduction in overall project risks, decreased costs, fewer required contractors, and minimized project management overhead.

Superior Acoustics

Innovative Stud Design & Mounting Mechanism

Our studs are purposefully created in a sigma shape. When paired with our distinctive hook-and-loop tape system, this acts as a formidable barrier, mitigating sound energy transfer. This industry-leading combination ensures our soundproof walls stand up to acoustics in all settings.

Optimized Acoustic Insulation & Paneling

We’ve set the benchmark for soundproofing solutions in the industry with our best-in-class internal acoustic insulation, high-mass exterior boards, and airtight interlocking seams.

Our BaseClick boards are an impressive starting point when it comes to sound insulation at a value of 43 decibels. We also offer a range of specialized configurations that can achieve an industry-leading sound insulation value of 77 decibels. All our acoustic claims are reviewed and substantiated via third-party verifications conducted at Daidilos Peutz.

Customizable Sound Absorption

Need to modulate sound resonance within a space? Our system offers unmatched flexibility. By simply swapping the external Skin for a material with higher sound-absorbing properties, you can easily create an acoustic environment that aligns with your needs.

Beautiful Design

Aesthetics are an important consideration for every space, which is why we offer a variety of finish options and customized solutions.

Fashionable Finishes

From classic neutrals to vibrant accent colors and everything in between, we know the importance of offering diverse finishes for our boards to meet your aesthetic needs.

We offer high-quality veneer finishes that exude sophistication, while our textile finishes provide textured dimension to your space. And, with a paintable finish, we ensure seamless integration of our demountable walls with existing interiors.

Baseboards to Match

To complement and accentuate board finishes, we provide a variety of baseboards and profiles. From aluminum options to more traditional wood or vinyl finishes, we have options for spaces of every kind.

Customized Solutions

Recognizing that some spaces require a more distinct design approach, we offer custom prints and designs. Our team works closely with customers to create custom solutions based on their specific needs and requirements. From here, we work together to create truly unique spaces.

Join our Commitment to Circularity

Sustainability is a necessity for today’s spaces – and to our team at JUUNOO. Here’s how our demountable walls reflect our commitment to the circular economy:

Low-Carbon Footprint

Before considering reuse, we first focus on reducing the carbon impact of our products from the onset of manufacturing. Our sustainable wall solutions are made from:

          85% recycled steel, harnessed from wind and solar energy for the modules.

          80% recycled wood for the boards.

          100% bio-based acoustical insulation.

Through these innovations, we created demountable wall products with a carbon footprint that is 50% lower than traditional drywall and up to 80% lower than typical office furniture wall systems. More information about the carbon footprint of our walls can be found in our Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).


Our vision extends beyond immediate use. We’re committed to products with intrinsic circular value, ensuring their reuse for centuries. Here’s how we think about this: the cost of reuse should always remain below the residual value of the product.

We designed our products for easy and painless disassembly – here’s how:

          Baseboard and edge profiles utilize removable glue, simplifying the reuse process.

          Wall panels can be detached using a putty knife, while modules benefit from our Quickspan system. A 4-meter wall requires less than 15 minutes for a single individual to dismantle.

To bolster residual value, we’ve also ensured the following:

          Modules are telescopic, ensuring adaptability in dimensions.

          Acoustic insulation and boards are fully reusable, with wear and tear on the outer layer being inconsequential. New projects can repurpose these boards internally, augmenting acoustic properties or reducing costs.

          If aesthetics need a refresh, a fresh layer of paint, textile, or a new board can be overlaid.

          Baseboards and edge profiles are either reused or responsibly recycled.

Creating with Reused Materials

Keep the Body, Change the Skin – this is the ethos of how we design our demountable walls to ensure and promote reuse. With this in mind, we create a stable, durable Body for walls, made from 99% reused materials. The Skin is the only part of our walls not designed for reuse – it is customizable, providing the flexibility to update aesthetics cost-effectively.

With our strong emphasis on high-residual value and low reuse costs, our products provide unique financial benefits. For instance, $100 invested in dismantling a JUUNOO wall is converted into a $1000 ready-to-reuse building kit. This is a huge benefit in today’s economy, and as governments begin to mandate reuse, products with minimal circular value will become obsolete.

Our Commitment to Sustainability 

We believe in our approach to sustainability and low-carbon innovation. Because of this, we guarantee reduced carbon impacts compared to conventional methods, helping us achieve a further 60-96% reduction compared to conventional methods.

As a testament to our commitment to the circular economy, we promise a buyback guarantee on every product. The buyback rate, ranging from 10% to 30% of the original value, is predetermined at purchase and has no specific end date (provided the goods are returned in a well-organized manner). To make this process easy on our customers, we offer a comprehensive service that proves to be more economical than traditional disposal methods.


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