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Single glass

Want to let in more light? You can give your interior a stylish look with our removable glass partitions. No vertical studs are used between the panels. Compatible with all JUUNOO partitions.                                               

Double glass

Need a quiet space? Then choose our removable glass partitions with double glazing. Extra acoustic insulation. No vertical studs are used between the panels. Compatible with all JUUNOO partitions.

Custom made

Transform your space, your way. Discover the freedom of customization with our partition glass walls. Create your unique space today.

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Crystal Clear Acoustics

Glass walls are typically not synonymous with good acoustics – and we think that should change. That’s why we’ve created sound-proofed glass walls that deliver on aesthetics without sacrificing acoustics. Our products are engineered to meet your needs, pairing function and innovation for better spaces.  


Minimalistic Design

Combine beauty and functionality with JUUNOO glass walls. In championing a minimalist yet timeless design for your space, we’re able to use less materials and create an environmentally friendly solution to be reused for years to come. No other glass wall compares.  


Long-lasting Value

Well-designed and sustainable office solutions should no longer be expensive ones. Our innovative glass wall system results in a quicker install process at a lower cost, providing true value for your money. Our unique buyback guarantee is another way that we incentivize circularity and save our customers from the hidden costs of disassembly. 


Unmatched Flexibility

You can reuse our glass walls time and time again, even as your space evolves. Engineered for simple mounting that supports product reusability, our single and double glass walls feature a snap-on profile that supports quick and easy reconfiguration. 


Sustainability Shines Through

We are champions of reuse and the circular economy. That’s why we’ve engineered products with a robust circular value, meaning they are easily adaptable for a second (or third or fourth) life. Our Buyback guarantee is a continuation of this commitment, meaning we will buy back our products at the end of life to further circularity.

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Crystal Clear Acoustics

Sound-perfected glass walls that pair design and functionality are a reality with JUUNOO. Find out how:

Single Glass Walls:

Our single glass walls are a symphony of design and sound. We’ve purposefully sculpted sleek aluminum profiles with minimal air cavities, seamlessly integrating them with acoustically laminated glass that adheres to the most stringent safety measures. These walls provide basic performance up to 38 decibels.

Double Glass Walls:

In our double glass walls, we maintain the elegance of our sleek profiles while introducing an ingenious air cavity between the two glass panes. Nestled within the heart of these profiles are high-absorption materials, yielding an industry-leading sound reduction of up to 57 decibels.

Airtight Precision:

Our commitment to perfection extends to every facet of our installations. We employ high-quality gaskets to create an airtight seal between our aluminum profiles and the glass panes. Premium-grade glass-to-glass glue strips ensure a flawless finish that doesn’t rely on the installer’s “silicon” skillset. With us, you’re guaranteed a qualitatively superior installation every time.

Minimalistic design

We know the value of flexibility and reuse when it comes to building products, which is why we designed out glass walls to support both.

Mounting Flexibility

Our snap-on profile offers unmatched flexibility during the glass mounting process. It provides up to 20 mm of tolerance within the profile while ensuring the profile height remains capped at 30 mm. This is a cutting-edge glass partition wall mounting technique.

Glass Mounting Techniques

Our glass can be installed using two distinct methods. The first, edge-to-edge mounting, allows the glass to span from floor to ceiling (up to 3.5m high) and from one side to the other. In such setups, clients can choose uniform glass pane sizes or a more standardized, reusable format with most panes measuring 900mm in width, complemented by one or two custom-sized pieces.

Circular Mounting & Reusability

We also offer a circular mounting method that enhances product reusability and reflects our commitment to sustainability – ultimately, it helps improve the circular value of our glass walls.


Through standardization, we ensure every glass pane measures 900×2400 mm, making them versatile across different building configurations. This ensures you can repurpose the glass as you see fit. Any gaps above or on the sides of the glass wall are seamlessly filled with our adaptable JUUNOO blind wall, which can be customized to fit any width and height. Plus, we offer a buyback guarantee on the glass profiles and panes.

Long-lasting value

Find out about how we designed our products for value and create profit opportunities for our customers:

Innovation Meets Value

With our technical advancements, particularly the enhanced sound absorption in double-glazed walls, we provide top-tier quality at unbeatable prices. While using a basic glass pane set in a rudimentary U-profile is an option, such a setup won’t offer soundproofing. Effectively, it’s akin to offering you “free air”—with equivalent performance.

Streamlined Installation for Added Savings

Apart from material savings, our design guarantees cost reductions during the setup phase. Fewer profiles translate to minimal sorting and reduced on-site confusion. Our high-tolerance, snap-in profile design ensures you can continue construction seamlessly without the need for constant adjustments in glass pane sizes.

Transform Costs into Profit Opportunities

Don’t forget the hidden costs of taking down and discarding conventional walls. JUUNOO’s forward-thinking approach shifts this from a cost to a lucrative chance. We guarantee to buy back the entire glass partition wall, offering amounts that more than cover your disassembly and shipping expenses.

Unmatched Flexibility

In the development of our single and double glass walls, our engineering team prioritized superior acoustics. This dedication led to achieving the highest acoustic ratings for interior glass walls, confirmed through independent verification.

Innovative Aluminium Profiles

Our success in this domain can be attributed to the precisely designed aluminium profiles that minimize air cavities, especially in the single wall setup. This, paired acoustic laminated glass, ensures compliance with stringent safety standards.

Advanced Double-Wall Acoustics

For the double glass wall variant, we’ve employed the same streamlined profiles but introduced an air gap between the two glass panels. Strategic placement of high-absorption materials at the profile junctions further enhances sound dampening, offering an additional noise reduction of up to 7 dB.

Sealing Perfection

To seal the wall impeccably, we incorporate top-tier gaskets between the aluminium profiles and the glass panes, and use superior glass-to-glass adhesive strips between adjacent glass panels. This system ensures a flawless installation, eliminating reliance on the installer’s expertise with silicon-based applications.

Sustainability shines through

Our sustainability commitment is our strength at JUUNOO – here’s how it is reflected in our glass walls:

Beyond the First Use

Our vision extends beyond the initial lifecycle of our products. We are dedicated to making sure our products maintain a robust circular value. This implies it is more economical to repurpose our items than discard and replace them. We enhance this reuse value by focusing on easy-to-dismantle designs with clickable profiles and easily detachable double-glazed setups. Our circular glass approach promotes uniform glass pane sizes for all customers, ensuring adaptability and reuse in diverse environments.

Creating a Reuse Market

Our standardization ambition seeks to pave the way for a thriving second-hand market for used glass panes. This not only increases the value of your JUUNOO glass but rewards your sustainable choice with a financial benefit at the end of its life.

A Commitment to Reuse

Our confidence in our products’ longevity and circular value means we’re confident they’ll find a second life. By embracing reuse, we’re set to slash our carbon impact by an impressive 60-96% compared to the traditional use-and-discard approach.

Our Buyback Guarantee

To emphasize our dedication to a circular economy, we’ve instituted a buyback guarantee. Every product sold comes with a promise: we’ll buy it back at the end of its life. The buyback price, ranging from 10% to 30% of the original product value, is determined at the outset and has no specific end date (provided the goods are returned in a well-organized manner). To make this process easy on our customers, we offer a comprehensive service that proves to be more economical than traditional disposal methods.

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