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Smart Design

Transform your workplace with JUUNOO pods. Our innovative pods are engineered to include our groundbreaking VentiLight® system for high performance and utilize our demountable walls and glass partition systems. Experience a new era of smart, cost-effective, and beautiful design with our pods.


Privacy Perfected

Sound is an art form with JUUNOO pods. We know the importance of eliminating impact noise for your calls, meetings, brainstorms, and more. This is why we’ve outfitted all our pods for impressive sound reduction while still allowing for environmental sounds to enter our pod for connectivity.


Ventilation Mastery

The VentiLight system is a revolutionary innovation for the workplace. It is engineered to help regulate temperature and CO2 levels within the pod while helping reduce impact sound and providing ambient lighting. This innovation is truly the differentiator behind our pods, helping create the right environment to get things done. 


Elevated Design

Versatile and sleek, the JUUNOO pods are designed to have a distinctly European feel, offering both luxury and functionality. With multiple pod solutions designed for everything from solo work to all-day collaboration, they can be tailored to fit every workplace’s needs. And with a variety of color and material options, they still align with your brand and interior design goals. 

At JUUNOO, we know that each team is unique, needs may differ and spaces can be distinct. That is why we offer pods that are completely customizable.


Sustainability at its Core

Our commitment to responsible and circular design is evident in all of our solutions, including the JUUNOO pods. Created from 90% non-virgin materials and designed for endless reuse, the pods are proof of our sustainability commitment and will help you meet yours. 

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Smart design, better workplace

Meet the future of the workplace – JUUNOO Pods: 

Streamlined Design Philosophy

JUUNOO Pods embrace the European design philosophy of efficiency. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we took a pragmatic approach — utilizing the JUUNOO demountable wall and glass partition systems as our foundation. It’s a smart, cost-effective strategy that redefines workspace design.

The VentiLight® Breakthrough

While building on existing components, our engineers faced a monumental challenge—achieving top-tier acoustics, lighting, and ventilation within the pods. Their solution? The groundbreaking VentiLight® system, a technological marvel that pairs innovative, modern design with best-in-class performance.

Value-Driven Production

Leveraging the production scale of our glass walls and demountable walls, we’ve created high-value pods that excel in acoustics and feature the innovative VentiLight system. The best part? We’ve managed to maintain a surprisingly low initial investment cost.

Privacy perfected

Acoustics are key to any workplace, and JUUNOO Pods are designed for best-in-class performance:

Acoustic Fortitude 

Within our pods, a realm of acoustic mastery awaits. By default, our design offers an impeccable level of sound reduction that transforms your space into a sanctuary. Calls, discussions, and online meetings unfold in an optimal environment, promoting focus, confidentiality, and more. Depending on your pod’s size, revel in a remarkable sound reduction of up to 35 dB, cocooning you in a world of tranquillity for dedicated work or collaboration.

The’Art of Sealing 

Our pursuit of acoustic perfection begins with the meticulous engineering of each seal. Every nook and cranny is rendered airtight, providing an impenetrable acoustic barrier. From the specialized drop seal on the door to the acoustic air input channel and the innovative acoustical VentiLight system for air output, we leave no room for compromise.

Balancing Act

While privacy reigns supreme, we understand the importance of staying connected to your surroundings. Thus, we’ve delicately incorporated a subtle soundscape within the pod. This ensures you remain attuned to the bustling office environment and the occurrence of any vital safety signals.

Your Custom Acoustic Experience

But we don’t stop at standard solutions. Thanks to our bespoke capabilities, we empower you to tailor this acoustic experience to your precise liking. Your pod, your preferences.

The Engineering Marvel 

How do we achieve this acoustic marvel? Through the innovative integration of ventilation channels. Air and sound are artfully drawn in from the floor, channeled through acoustic pathways within the walls, and gracefully extracted at the VentiLight. The length of these channels provides us with the canvas to finely tune your pod’s acoustic performance, crafting an environment that’s uniquely yours.

Ventilation mastery

VentiLight is an innovation that will change workspace design – find out how:

Elevated Ventilation 

VentiLight, your workspace game-changer, redefines ventilation with whisper-quiet technology. Our engineers have harnessed its power to regulate temperature and CO2 levels seamlessly, all while maintaining pin-drop silence within your workspace.

Unveiling Sound Mastery 

A fortress of silence, VentiLight boasts powerful ventilators, spinning at high speeds while emitting only 21 dB of sound. What’s more, a meter-long acoustic air channel ingeniously conceals this sound, ensuring your conversations remain private and free from intrusive noise.

Refreshing Efficiency

Revitalized airflow originates from cleverly positioned input holes, drawing cold air from the lower regions. This refreshing breeze gently sweeps across your workspace, creating the ideal working environment tailored to your comfort.

Dual-Purpose Brilliance

VentiLight isn’t just about airflow; it’s also your ambient lighting companion. Its dual-purpose design eliminates clutter, adding an elegant touch to your workspace. With customizable dimming options, you have full control over the ambiance.

Effortless Interaction 

VentiLight simplifies your workspace experience with a non-data collecting presence detector — no need for extra switches. Multiple VentiLights can be easily linked or integrated into your building management system or simply plugged into an electrical socket.

Elevated Design

Learn about our standard and custom JUUNOO Pod design options:

Streamlined Aesthetics:

The JUUNOO Pod embodies the beauty of simplicity. Its clean lines and minimalist design offer a canvas of high flexibility, allowing you to customize colors, and materials, and even craft bespoke pods tailored precisely to your unique needs.

Versatility in Action:

Our curated pod selection addresses every facet of your office life. Need a quick call space? Turn to the JUUNOO Call 1. For focused work, embrace the larger Focus 1 with its intelligently designed ventilation system, ensuring you stay comfortable all day. And for teamwork, explore the Connect 2, 4, and 6 options.

Bespoke Brilliance

Beyond our standard offerings, our design teams stand ready to help you create the perfect pod tailored to your specific requirements. Personalize your JUUNOO Pod with a spectrum of colors, varied tables, diverse electrical and data inputs, and a range of seating arrangements. Let your pod mirror your brand’s style and culture.

Innovative Customization

Our bespoke pods can be a subtle twist on our standard collection or an entirely unique design. Combine multiple pods into one or craft a pod that seamlessly integrates with your office’s design. Rest assured, our expert teams will guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth journey and providing shop drawings for your approval.

Sustainability at its core

We champion circularity in everything we do – here’s how:

Sustainable Sourcing

Our design team takes immense pride in utilizing recycled materials wherever feasible. Crafted from 90% non-virgin materials, we’re reducing the embodied carbon footprint pods, setting them apart from traditional systems. Explore our Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for both standard and bespoke pods, showcasing our unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Endless Repurposing

 Our design isn’t just about recycling; it champions a high circular value. Disassembling our pods requires minimal labor, yielding valuable materials that can be repurposed for building other pods or standard interior walls. This circularity is a two-way street—begin with JUUNOO walls, transform them into JUUNOO Pods, and then reshape those pods into different sizes or walls. With JUUNOO, your workspace possibilities are boundless, offering long-term value within the circular economy.

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