6 Ways To Increase Productivity In The Office

Work productivity highly depends on the layout of your office. Where we work affects not only how focused we are (and stay) but also the amount of work we get done. With more and more companies allowing working from home, it is often challenging for employees to return to the office. According to a study by Acerta, only 7% of employees want to return to the office full-time. That may come as a surprise, but employees who work from home tend to be less distracted and work more focused hours.  

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However, having your team regularly gathered at the office is crucial.

Ideas can be shared more easily as a team, and brainstorms can be organized more spontaneously. But perhaps most importantly, regularly seeing your coworkers benefits the team spirit. Working as a team allows your employees to support and learn from each other.

But despite the benefits, why do most people prefer working from home to working at the office? How can rethinking your office layout help your team to return? And how can you increase overall productivity at the office? This blog post lists 6 tips to boost your office productivity.

1. Create Designated Office Spaces

Every team has different needs and challenges. For some teams, it’s essential to collaborate on the spot, making it possible to ask each other questions and share ideas quickly. That might be the case for your sales or marketing team, where collaboration is part of their job. Other teams, for example, your finance team, need more focus and concentration. They need as few distractions as possible.

Before redesigning your office, it’s essential first to identify the different types of work activities and then create separate spaces for people to work in. Make sure you create quiet rooms where people can focus and social spaces where they can collaborate as a team. If you can, also create a room for people to relax and take their minds off work. Changing spaces shifts your brain and helps you stay focused.

At Showpad, they created separate dedicated spaces with JUUNOO’s demountable walls for their employees to relax, concentrate and collaborate on projects.

2. Include Space for Movement

Something often overlooked is to include enough space to move around easily in the office. While it might not be the first thing that pops into your head when increasing productivity in the office, there are some benefits you should consider.

People who sit at their desks for extended periods need to stretch their legs once in a while. When you can take a break now and then, you mentally recharge. Those mental breaks keep us focused during a long day at work. Another way of adding space is replacing seated meetings in the conference room with walking meetings outside the building.

3. Improve your Lighting

One of the most critical factors influencing productivity is lighting. Research shows that the proper lighting impacts your mental and physical health, mood, creativity, and productivity. On the other hand, when the lighting is too bright or dim, your brain constantly needs to adapt to the environment, causing headaches and fatigue. But what is the best office lighting?

In general, white lights and cooler blues are the best options for concentrating. In spaces where people can relax, the lighting should be warmer. If you can let in natural daylight, then do so. Make sure it doesn’t directly face your employees or block their computer screens.

4. Control the Noise Level

The biggest complaint from employees is that the workspace is too loud. That’s why many prefer working from home since it’s often quieter and thus better to concentrate. Research has shown that working in a noisy place leads to more stress, lower productivity, and lower job satisfaction.

You can create dedicated quiet spaces or install phone booths to reduce noise. Your employees can work on focused tasks or have a phone or video call without interrupting other coworkers. If that’s not an option, improving your insulation can help reduce the noise. Acoustic wall panels have been making their entry into the office for quite a while now and have proven helpful. If those are not an option, noise-canceling headphones can help your employees focus.

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5. Think About your Ergonomic Setup

If you’ve ever worked at a desk where you were constantly adjusting or stretching, you know how important an ergonomic setup is. Having your chair and table at the right height reduces strain on the body and makes it easier and more comfortable to do your job, which improves overall productivity. Here are a few tips:

  • Your chair and desk are at the right height. Your feet should be flat on the floor, and your knees slightly lower than your hips. Your elbows should be bent at about 90°.
  • Your computer monitor is at a comfortable distance and angle. The top of the screen should be at eye level and about an arms-length away.
  • Your keyboard and mouse are positioned right. Make sure your keyboard is about 5 cm from the front edge of the desk. Your mouse should be in line with your keyboard.

6. Improve the Air Quality

Working in an office with poor air quality can cause several negative effects, from headaches to dizziness and fatigue. On the other hand, good air quality can help you feel more alert and focused, leading to improved productivity.

To improve air quality, you can add air filters, use air purifiers or air conditioners to filter out pollutants, and ensure sufficient ventilation to allow for fresh air circulation. If you can, bring in fresh air by opening windows or doors for some time. Plants are also great for filtering the air. And they have some other benefits too. They are well-known for reducing stress and sickness and can boost creativity. What’s not to like? At Lightyear, they installed several office pods for their employees to concentrate or have video calls. The integrated ventilation system keeps them focused throughout the day.

Productivity is The Key Factor for Business Success

Since many employees are hesitant about entering the office again, creating a pleasant work environment is essential. A place where people like to work not only benefits the team spirit but also improves productivity at your office. And that’s something you will want to pay attention to.

Productivity is a key factor in any business’s success. When employees are productive, they work more efficiently and effectively. This can lead to more job satisfaction and make employees feel more fulfilled in their work. Make sure to rethink your office layout, include separate spaces, and increase your air, noise, and lighting quality. Overall, increasing productivity should be one of the main focuses for anyone looking to improve their work and achieve their goals.

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